Getting help

Call to speak to an LAR practitioner free of charge on 0800 069 9898 or +44(0)1562 742004

Email the centre: CLICK HERE

LAR practitioners are all ex-sufferers as well as highly trained and experienced Recovery Psychology experts who will be able to advise you and reassure you about every aspect of your disorder and recovery. The programs have been devised to be very simple and enjoyable to do.

LAR Recovery Psychology Practitioners will be able to advise you and discuss the most acceptable treatment pathway for your needs; for example:

Remote recovery courses – Accessing online recovery guidance and resources with telephone and email guidance – more info here

Face-to-face sessions – With an LAR practitioner – Contact us

Recovery workshops – Face to face recovery guidance

Residential recovery programmes – Total immersion in the recovery process

Cost – Fees vary based on the chosen format, but are not based on hourly rates. Support and program access is constant, meaning that clients are never alone with they anxiety symptoms or thoughts whilst recovering. LAR fee structure has been developed to be affordable to all sufferers.

Ages – LAR therapy can be used by any person of any age, however, with children under 14, we recommend a parent/guardian’s assistance in ensuring compliance.