LAR Recovery Therapy formats

Creating recovery naturally & effortlessly

Knowledge – Structure – Support – Compliance

For people of all ages, no matter how long they have suffered.

In order to create fast and permanent recovery and removal of the genetic predisposition to suffering or recurrence of the condition, it is vital that compliance to the curative pathway is maintained, which is very simple.

Unlike any other therapeutic option, LAR includes seamless support by accredited recovery therapists.

This level seamless level of interaction produces faster and more effective recovery.

A client is never left feeling alone, abandoned or unsupported during LAR therapy and is also furnished with a raft of devices, apps, audios, videos and webinars to ensure that they feel supported and nurtured throughout their recovery.

Support access is constant as is access to tools, devices and resources that can be used wherever they are to both advance recovery, but to also use as ‘first-aid’ devices when required.

How long does it take?

With compliance, recovery can be very fast indeed; it will definitely happen.

In young people who are still in the childhood hypnogogic state associated with enhanced receptiveness to learning during early life, neuroplasticity happens more quickly; those who have been effected by the ‘stuff of life’, be that data or substance, require slightly more focus and compliance for the changes to happen quickly. In all cases however, recovery is inevitable.

As this process is the mind’s only way to recovert from the disorders, it is impossible to find alternative recovery therapies.

Control of delivery and quality

LAR Therapy is strictly controlled by Linden tree Education. Why? To ensure the very highest level of delivery, to ensure that patients receive the very best advice, support and guidance and to be certain that only licensed practitioners are using LAR in practice.

Accreditation of practitioners is through the NCFE at professional level four. The NCFE is one of the world’s oldest, most established and respected educational awarding bodies.

Recovery therapy formats


Home-Learning/Online Recovery Portal for Individuals or Groups/Organisations


LAR Therapy is delivered through our TLM home-learning programs with unlimited therapeutic support leading to recovery.

Clients can join the programs and will be given instant access to the program content and support facility immediately.

Our recovery portal is mobile enabled meaning that clients can access all resources, materials, reassurance, advice and recovery guidance anywhere in the world.

To date, over 340,000 people have used LAR Therapy to recover through our home-learning programs. These programs are mobile enabled to access on any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


1 Day Recovery Workshops

Our workshops are in face-to-face and video/DVD formats. Access is through our educational centre in Worcestershire, on-site at a client company’s venue, within a clinical setting or online through our Recovery Portal.


Residential Recovery Retreats13

Our 4 Day Residential program can be delivered in any venue chosen to fulfil a number of vital recovery criteria.

The venue must provide an ‘environment for recovery’ and our team will hand-pick a venue for suitability. Our international Anxiety Recovery Retreat venue is at The Elms Retreat & Spa in Worcestershire, UK where, for over 6 years, we have provided residential recovery to clients from all over the world.

MORE INFORMATION – Call Jo Goodchild, Retreats coordinator on 01562 732078


LAR Coaching Sessions

Led by our team of qualified LAR accredited practitioners, sessions are undertaken remotely or face-to-face. Sessions are structured and supportive, providing recovery guidance and reassurance about every symptom and thought experienced. Interim support is constant and access to all materials, resources, support facilities, apps, audios, videos and webinars is constant.

MORE INFORMATION – Call Beth Linden on 0800 069 9898