Specialists in Sport & Performance Anxiety Recovery

Since 1996 we have helped thousands of sports-people to overcome their Sports Anxiety.

Our discrete and personalised service has been responsible for returning some of the world’s most visible and well-known sports-people, actors and celebrities to the field, stage and screen. We also help many people from industry who need a fast and permanent solution to their emotional distress.

Our therapists, psychologists and recovery experts work with some of the world’s leading agencies, studios and sports clubs.

We have helped people from every corner of the globe and our clients travel to our events and sessions from all over the world.

NDAs are signed to protect identities – we take confidentiality very seriously.

We provide Performance Anxiety programs in on-site, one-to-one, workshop and Retreat formats.

Fast-Track Coaching
Fast-track recovery coaching is also available when time or financial factors dictate that a person be back ‘on track’ fast.

For more information, contact Beth Linden at beth@thelindencentre.org or call Beth on +44(0)1562 742004