Medical Consultants

Our medical advisers oversee all our services

Our experts were carefully chosen over time from the very best in their fields and make LAR what it is today. We are all very proud of the curative success we create and are humbled by the lives we change with our programs. Our medical advisers oversee all our service provisions and play an active role in every aspect of LAR.

suwangDr Su Wang – Medical DirectorMBBS, DPH, DIH, MSc Occupational Medicine, FFOM, DMS, M Erg S

Dr Su Wang is a highly accomplished senior physician with extensive experience in large public and private, occupational health roles, in complex organisations.

Su is an accredited specialist occupational physician. Su was Group Head of Health for Royal Mail Group, 2002-2009, during the critical turnaround from a loss making organisation losing £1 million a day, to all three businesses of Royal Mail being profitable, hitting all targets for the first time in 20 years, in 2009.

Su innovated the “Virtual Company” for line managers to manage sickness absence, which was incorporated into company practice and also introduced low cost simple health interventions, working in partnership with Primary Care Trusts, and charities. Before Royal Mail, Su worked with British Airways, and London Transport.

Su is equally at home working at board level and with trade unions, and in developing partnerships and is respected for her integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Su was a Trustee with Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities at its critical period of merger with a large charity. Her enthusiastic, motivational, but also gentle, leadership style inspires people to deliver exceptional performance.


jenny-saunders-100x150Jenny Brookes

BSc, MSc, Psychologist

LAR is the solution to anxiety suffering. Its science is firmly based in accepted neurology and psychophysiology. Its efficacy is unquestionable. Cognitive therapy cannot remobve anxiety disorders, its use is inappropriate and often practitioners provide substandard advise to their patients. LAR delivery curative treatment through a psychoeducational structure and simply removes the disorders and the predisposition to suffering. I have seen LAR work many tens of thousands of times and have no doubt that it is the solution all sufferers need.


valdezDr Romulo ValdezBA, MA, Ph.D.

As a psychologist that has been treating anxiety and depression for over 25 years, I can espouse the effectiveness of LAR. It has its basis in the foundation of psychological theory.

For those of you that have suffered from either anxiety or depression, you know that the medication only serves to numb one’s experience of the real world. You also know that “talk therapy” cannot give you the tranquility that you desperately need. You most likely have spent thousands of dollars of health insurance money and money of your own to find peace of mind.

LAR gives you all the tools you need to work on your issues on an hour-by-hour basis. The beauty of this is that you are the master of your own destiny. You monitor your own progress and rely on other’s feedback to insure progress. Unlike other therapies, LAR gives you one year of ongoing support from a professional like me to help you in places where you might get stuck.

I have been trained by the very best in the field psychology and psychiatry as you can see by my credentials, and I endorse LAR with highest regards. The cure is at your disposal. Why wait.

Dr. Valdez obtained his undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont earning a B.A. in Religion with minor in Psychology. His M.A. degree in Clinical Psychology is from Central Michigan University. His Ph.D. was from Michigan State University where his major emphasis was on Counseling Psychology. He minored in Developmental Psychology and Statistics and Research Design. He is a Dr of psychology at Dartford and Harvard Medical.


“LAR is by far the most complete of the therapies I have come across that is specifically intended for eliminating panic attacks, anxiety attacks, panic disorder, and phobias.

In addition to providing an overall understanding of panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, and similar conditions, LAR provides a step-by-step plan for eliminating panic attacks and anxiety and getting off of whatever anti-anxiety medications someone might be taking.

I believe LAR is an outstanding natural approach to eliminating anxiety and panic attacks”

Dr. George Best